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9 Ways To Use Twitter For Your Beauty Brand


Twitter is an under-utilized tool in your social media kit. Sometimes, content creators within the beauty realm ignore Twitter entirely, or create an auto-post connected with another, more image friendly platform.

Whereas Instagram and Pintrest are visually-oriented social media platforms, Twitter brands itself as the “real time” social media marketing tool. This is an extremely effective tool for a brand that aims to connect with its consumer base, provide top notch customer service, and develop a powerful network.

The following tips are great ways to use Twitter for your beauty brand. Other industries, such as technology and film, may also be able to use these techniques.

How To Use Twitter For Beauty

1. Have a live interview with an editor or influencer.

Twitter-Beauty-Marketing-2The hashtag #beautyinterview and #beautytalk is a commonly used hashtag used when conducting a live interview on Twitter. You can create your own hashtag and promote the interview on Instagram a few days before. Truly engage with the Twitter users who show up for a live interview. These users are your early adopters, and it’s a good idea to get to know them!


2. Give a shout out to your favorite beauty writer’s or editor’s article from a print publication.

As I noted in my Beauty PR post, it’s really important to create relationships with beauty writers. Sometimes LinkedIn can be a little too direct. On Twitter, it promotes the writer, makes you look good, and makes them feel good.


Sephora Sweepstakes

Photo source: @Sephora

3. Have a Twitter exclusive flash sale for your brand.

Sephora uses their Twitter account to have branded sweepstakes campaigns. During a campaign, their Tweets include beautiful product photography that feature their branded hashtag (#Sephorasweepstakes).

Users re-tweet the campaign, and fill in the break to the following: “Hey @Sephora I shine brightest when [blank] #SephoraSweepstakes.”

The retweet provides the brand with more exposure. This seamless retweeting capability makes Twitter unique.

If you’re a hairdresser, consider engaging with your Twitter followers through a Twitter exclusive sale on your services. Encourage your customers to retweet the sale to promote your business. (Folks will eat it up!)

Twitter-Beauty-Marketing4. For a blog, use your Twitter account as a gorgeous, branded RSS feed.

RSS, short for Rich Site Summary, is an antique format for delivering content. Its workings appear right under our noses for programs like My Yahoo or My MSN. In general, it’s not very pretty. Make your Twitter page a more gorgeous, branded RSS feed by incorporating images on every post. Use complete sentences. Don’t abbreviate your words if you aim to position your brand as high-end. Keep your posts punchy and engaging.


5. Provide fast and immediate customer service through a dedicated, branded hashtag.

Studies have shown that 42% of consumers expect a response within one hour when they contact a brand on social media. If you’re not paying attention to your social media, your brand is in deep trouble. This is a great place to outsource assistance if you’re a small operation.



Photo Source: @lovephilosophy

6. Create a brand persona.

I truly adore Philosophy’s integrated marketing and branding strategy – it goes above and beyond what most brands can do. Their Twitter page, The Philosophy Girl, takes the form of “a trusted beauty confidante helping women to look, live & feel their best.”

The page’s Twitter content includes handwritten notes and unique hashtags that encourage you to go deeper than the traditional beauty marketing messages. (The one I like the most is #dontforgettobreathe.) For your brand, think about how you can become a person speaking to a friend through your Twitter content.


7. Offer tips on how to use your product for customers to enjoy bi-weekly.

For Curly Halo’s Instagram, we create bi-weekly tips and tricks, and the same technique can (and should!) be used for Twitter. Don’t put your content on auto-post. Provide unique graphic for your Twitter audience.


8. Connect with unique segment of your market.

So, only 7% of Americans use Twitter. This audience is disproportionally African American in comparison to other social media platforms. But that’s okay – in fact, that’s good! This means that you have an opportunity to connect with a potentially underserved segment of your consumer base that may be hungry and eager for information about your product and service. Furthermore, the people that show up for you on Twitter are your true-blue fans. Reward them!


9. Promote the work and success of others 

In my view, the best way to use Twitter is to authentically communicate. This form of communication is a modern treat. By shouting out to a friend or stranger that you respect, you’re sharing your passion with the world, all while making someone else feel good. And isn’t that what beauty marketing is all about?

When creating a social media strategy, it’s important to understand the tools at your disposal. Identify your primary goals and decide for yourself if Twitter is the right tool for you.

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