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How To Craft An Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign


An integrated marketing communications campaign is a harmonious brand experience, where all channels communicate a consistent brand message, promise, quality, and aesthetic. A variety of media (print materials, website, social media) all work in harmony to deliver a focused message built upon one central idea. Ideally, that central idea communicates the key consumer benefit.

In order to create the IMC campaign, begin by planning your social media or advertising campaign using the following points:

  • Who Is The Target Consumer And What Do They Care About? Know what the target consumer’s needs and wants from your product category. How does your product fit into those needs? Your target consumer is looking for concrete answers to their problems.
  • What Are Your Product Features And Benefits? How does the product meet the target consumer’s needs? What are the product’s attributes, capabilities, and limitations? In what concrete ways does your product offer a tangible benefit that is not offered or recognized by the competition?
  • Who Are Your Competitors? How does the competitors’ products measure up to your product? What is their marketing strategy, slogan, theme, or concept?
  • Communication Objectives Take another gander at your communication objectives. Identify what the target consumer should feel, think, or do after exposure to the message.

Once you have considered these points, take a closer look at your product features and benefits, and ensure that your central idea answers the consumer’s central question: What’s in it for me, man?

Developing A Consistent Verbal & Visual Message In An Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign

Integrated Marketing CommunicationWhen you’re devising your Pintrest page, your blog posts, or your marketing collateral, remember to convey a harmonious visual and verbal message across all channels. Doing this will increase memorability, communicate brand values, and increase brand-name recognition. Be sure to integrate your actual product or service into this message as well!

IMC campaigns utilize a range of media channels and chose those channels based on the target’s lifestyle and media usage. Unlike most traditional advertising campaigns, an effective IMC campaign focuses on long-term results that build brand image and brand equity and works toward building a brand-loyal consumer.

In an IMC campaign, all members of the promotional mix, beyond advertising are working together to strategically accomplish the same objectives rather than working as individual contractors.

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