Healthy Hair Bar: Making The Healthy Hair Experience A Heartfelt Treat


I attended an opening for a new hair salon in Reseda called Healthy Hair Bar and Wigs Salon located at 147 E. Foothill Blvd, Monrovia, CA, 91016. The classy event was hosted by Krprmedia

Healthy Hair Bar is owned by Rochelle Chappelle, a Natural Hairstylist and Scalp Expert. The salon is designed to be a place of refuge and acceptance for women with scalp damage and hair loss, or for women who want a “chemical-free” hair care experience.

Chappelle explained to me that her inspiration derives from her mother, a beautician who sadly passed away from cancer. Her mother’s ultimately death might have been caused by the pollutants in the hair products she used as a professional hairdresser. 

Healthy Hair Bar photoChappelle now has turned her story into a source of strength and power for her clients. Her salon does not use products that contain pollutants for the body or the water. She even has a company promise posted on her website. Additionally, she aims to educate her clients about healthy hair care.

From a marketing perspective, I sincerely enjoyed the multi-racial experience of Healthy Hair Bar – it’s something I’ve only experienced a handful of times. Most salons are set apart based on the type of hair that the cater to.

Ask about the California Flow Mineral Hair Softener System, a gentle alternative to chemical relaxers and weaves. Featured right.

That is fine; sometimes I actually prefer the privacy and security of a Black hair salon. However, there do need to be more hair salons where the technicians are 100% educated in all hair care techniques. You can find that type of culture and promise at Healthy Hair Bar.

“Hair to me is like fabric….[African American textured] hair is like silk: it’s very delicate. When you pull on it too hard, it will snap in a heart beat. White hair is like polyester: You can be a little more rough with it.”

All types of hair have their benefits and challenges. It’s critical for hairdressers and salon owners to understand they key differences of each type and how to handle them.

As a digital marketer, I also loved the title of the salon: Healthy Hair Bar and Wigs Salon. The title lends itself well to Search Engine Optimization, meaning potential clients looking for a “healthy hair salon” on Google could easily stumble upon her website – if the website is correctly built.

Find out more about The Healthy Hair Bar experience and request a free consultation on her website. Please mention learning about her brand through @Ajableubird.

Featured Image Source: Healthy Hair Bar + Bleubird Digital LLC

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