I Am Grateful For The Little Things: Philosophy Perfume Review

The moment I smelled the Honeydew Mellon, I had to have it. The fruity floral essence was perfectly sweet.

The packaging features blue watercolors splashed across the front of the textured box. The title of the fragrance “grateful” gently encapsulates a promise to live by. The perfume is within a series of a larger line called “my philosophy”; each perfume within the line has its own virtuous mood.

The name of the perfume Grateful is distinguished by its bold font. The name Grateful is within the context of a larger promise: “i am grateful for the little things.”

For me, philosophy is the apex of an integrated branding. Each of their products weave in and out of each other, all while encapsulating a deeper experience. Their brand philosophy is to “inspire women to look, live, and feel their best.” And their words are meant to uplift and nourish the spirit, and inspire beautiful skin.

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