Back To The Basics With Clinique Facial Soap: Beauty Blogger Review

I started using basic Clinique Facial Soap. And, oh my god. My life has changed. This basic facial bar leaves my face feeling clean. Amazingly, refreshingly clean. I’ve been using this product since January, and haven’t had any major breakouts. I may never use another cleanser again… And, it’s just $14!

Below are some thoughts on why I love this product.

1. A More Scrupulous Clean

This facial bar soap really strips away the dirt – there’s never any residue after a single wash. Traditional bar soaps have amazing scrubbing power, and my face feels clean in the way that my body feels clean after a shower.

2. Gentle Formula Means More Frequent Washes

I usually can’t wash my face twice a day because of the cleansing agents “over-clean” and irritate my skin.

Luckily, Clinique’s gentle formula doesn’t irritate my skin. Washing my face twice a day, rather than once a day, helps keep my oily skin balanced, using minimal ingredients.

3. Less Acne

I haven’t had an intense breakout since I started using this product in January. I LOVE IT. I’m so happy with this because cleansers have always been something I struggle with.

I only integrate skin care products one step at at time, so I haven’t tried the rest of the line. But I will give it a try once I run out of what I currently use, which is CV Skinlabs for moisture.

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