About The Beauty Marketing Notebook

ajableu-oldhamThe Beauty Marketing Notebook is a collection of notes on marketing, beauty, and culture.

My name is Ajableu (like Asia and Blue) and I am an entertainment marketer & beauty entrepreneur from Hollywood, CA.

Part beauty blog and part marketing resource, the Beauty Marketing Notebook is a sketch pad on everything I love related to beauty, travel, and work.

I fell in love with this unique sector of beauty and marketing when I was studying art history in Paris in 2008. As a college freshman and sophomore, I was intrigued by how femininity, culture, and beauty was portrayed in art across the centuries.

I later moved to Manhattan to study psychology and writing at The New School, and my interest in marketing and beauty flourished. I interned at competitive PR firms in Manhattan and conducted research on women’s discourse for my senior thesis.

I now run a brand called Kimberly Elise Naturals with my mother and also work as a marketer for entertainment agencies.

Anyway, on this blog you’ll find entries that relate to my favorite trends, sketches on digital analytics, press clippings, travelogue photography, and product reviews. Enjoy the notebook.

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